How to Make an App that will stand out!

You making the same cool app like Instagram is like you becoming the next Justin Bieber by playing a song on a home video that gets uploaded on the internet. You can be a Bieber hater or a have an embarrassing Bieber fever; the truth will always remain that he had singing chops. He became a sensation for the stuff he uploaded and he has never relaxed on talent or hard work since then.

This is because success is two percent talent and ninety-eight percent relentless talent combined with never dying commitment. If you really want your software application to win the never-ending ‘Google Play’ contest, then you have to make it worth the user’s time. This user is gaining access to a whole universe of well-developed and thoroughly researched applications that were near perfect. Welcome to the global world, the competition is all there is.

Know Thy Audience:

The truth is, you are making your application for your target audience. You have to catch their attention and retain it for an unbelievably long time. You will be able to achieve this goal only if you keep yourself on the top of global discourse. So here are a few points that are so obvious, it’s unbelievable that we are spelling it out;


Only go into a specific application niche if the present applications are not doing too well. The only way it is good to go into a competition is if the other companies are not doing too well. As a Toronto Web Design Company, if you are extremely sure that you have an angle of software development that is completely unique, only then you should aim to get involved. Developing an app is an expensive process that requires time and expertise; this is only good use of your time and resources if you are able to deliver a proper enterprise.

User Experience:

The user experience on your application will decide its fate. When a user downloads your application, they need to find the application strong and simple to use. There are many unbelievably good applications that are not doing too well because they are here with a complex and too high functioning interface. Assume that your user does not know much and make sure that you tell your user how to use the application in the interface. Understand Android: Androids are small and handy. If they have a complex and hard to handle interface, then they will find it hard to navigate. They will not use the application.

Tone it Down:

If you have come up with a clever way of making the world spin counterclockwise with the press of a button but no one will be able to do it; it is of no significance at all. Make sure that you have created a user interface that helps your aims. A lot of developers come up with extremely complex ideas but they do not have any clear significance or purpose.

Know your platform:

Knowing the platform you are working in is extremely significant. You have to make sure that your platform will enhance your application. Avoid choosing one platform for your application and building your application in an incompatible manner. This will only make your application feel off to the user who will discard it for lack of use. Either choose AppStore or Google Play and make sure that your application works with the platform that you have chosen.


Keywords are also significant in deciding whether the application will have a strong audience or not. Make sure that you understand the right keywords for your application and are here to make sure that the content gets right kind of traction. There are many reasons for a keyword to work on Google Analytics but not being a strong lead generator. Make sure that you know that your keywords are properly generating leads.

So finally; make sure that you are keeping some basic points in mind when you are designing your web page. This is only to make sure that your Google app ranks well and has a strong traction and a good number of users.
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