8 beautiful ideas for making desktop wallpapers for creatives

If you are a creative person, you see inspiration in everything. From nature to building to a small kid smiling while playing in the rain, everything inspires you to make creative art. If you love to create art for digital space, your best source of inspiration is the wallpaper on your computer. As an artist who creates graphics, images, and visuals for your website or other online elements, getting good inspiration is important. 

That is why create wallpaper that inspires you instead of using the same old nature or pattern wallpaper. 

Here are some great ideas for making beautiful wallpapers for creative.

A strong contrast between typography and image

You can create wallpaper that has an inspiring quote and an equally inspiring image which is in contrast with it but also compliments it. It can be a white text on a black and white image or vice versa. This type of design creates an outstanding piece which is unique too.

Another thing you can do in this is to use different typefaces. The difference between the typefaces should be subtle so that they make something unique, but it should also feel like it belongs together.

 Use a simple background to create inspirational wallpaper

When you use a solid color as your wallpaper’s background, the message and the font shines better. Use your favorite quote and write it on a solid color background to create simple yet inspirational wallpaper. You can use two colors that complement each other to write the quote.You can use Canva tool to design this wallpaper.

 Relate the message and the image

Another creative way to create wallpaper is to pair a relevant image with a strong, but simple message. For instance, you can take an image of the ocean and pair it with a message about fitness or freedom.

The main aim of this type of wallpaper is to inspire the viewer to take inspiration by looking deep at his/her surroundings. While creating such type of wallpaper, you must keep more focus on the image.

 Take help of abstraction to convey your ideas

There is a design by Gabriella Sanchez that has two semi-circular sides. One is big and white and the other is small and blue. The blue one is our fears and the white one is our dreams.

It is quite a simple design that shows that our dreams are always bigger than our fears. You can take a hint from this, and create a wallpaper on your own. You can make a wallpaper with your goals on one side, and what is stopping you from achieving them on the other. Looking at that regularly will inspire you to overcome every obstacle to reach your goals.

 A little gradient touch to make even a simple text look unique

Take a white or any other solid color background (the emphasis is on white), and write your favorite quote on it. Now, to make it a bit unique and different, use colorful gradient in it. The flow of gradient color will bring the text together, and your text will stand out from the plain background.

Make sure the color scheme you use is light and goes with the tone of the message. It is an unconventional design idea, but if done right, it can make beautiful wallpaper.

 Make use of illustrations to set the tone of your wallpaper

Find a quote that inspires you; keep it concise, and short. Then use illustration related to that quote to set the tone of the wallpaper on a solid background. Let the solid color peak a little from the illustration, and keep the quote in center.

The beauty of this type of wallpaper is that your text relates to the background and inspires you to create more art.

 Use real photography to inspire yourself

The point is to start even if it means taking a picture yourself of a small object and pair it with a quote that inspires you. Even a simple paper clip can inspire people like in the design by Kyla from the house of hipsters.

 Use white typography in contrast with black & white background

Take any background which is black and white and write the quote in white typography. It will look unique as the white type works well with the background, but also stands out.

Which amongst the above was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below.









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