7 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Your Company Growth

In the trend of the Internet, digital marketing simply cannot be ignored. An adequately executed promotions and advertising efforts can serve the requirements of any business and increase the interest demand of your product and services that you offer in the audience.

The influence of cyberspace and digital marketing in India is increasing rapidly. For this, there are so many tricks, trends and tools available, either you can learn to use them on your own or you can start some digital marketing course. There are so many digital marketing courses in India where you can learn new strategies and tools used in the digital marketing world.

But relying on or using the best and the right tool means saving time and maintaining your organization’s reputation. Now the question arises which is the best tool that can help me to learn digital marketing…?? Here is a list of some tools that can help you to grow one step further from your competitors.

UberSuggest – The Keyword Explorer

Ubersuggest is one of the blog content and SEO tools that helps you to get new blog topics and keywords with a simple “suggest tool”. You can simply type the main keyword in the search bar and can see a list of related keywords. You can also then select Anilinkz any of the resultant keywords and explore further on it for even more options.

Trello – The Project Manager

Trello is one of the best digital marketing tools for project management. Displaying each and every project with checklists makes the user interface easy to navigate and understand. Some essential feature of Trello includes:

  • Drag and Drop features
  • Simple organization of project work and their deadlines.
  • Data filtering
  • Email notifications
  • Simple file uploads

Smylelytics – The Website Performance Monitor

Smylelytics, a user-friendly tool sends you the bimonthly report of your project engagements/website traffic. It also gives the knowledge of those aspects of the website that needs to be reconsidered which will help you to achieve your predetermined goals.

Smylelytics not involve any logging into Google Analytics and observing its complex and confusing charts and graphs of statistical data. Some of the key features of Smylelytics include:

  • Easy to read and simple E-mail reports.
  • Free-themes
  • Images help in depicting good, poor or neutral website performance.

You just need your website URL, the email address you want to tie to your Google Analytics Account (also you need to have Google Analytics installation in your computer) and an email address to get the report details.

Hootsuite – The Social Media Marketing Handler

As we know to develop our business, we need to explore it among various social media platforms. Hootsuite is a digital marketing tool that interacts with the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. simultaneously.

Hootsuite offers us an easy method to schedule our posts and check all our social media accounts all together at one time and place. All you need to set up “streams” for your scheduled posts, messages, mentions and many more. You can also assign a message or comment to a team member to reply at the scheduled time. Hootsuite provides us facilities like:

  • Monitor your feeds
  • Handle all social media accounts simultaneously.
  • To integrate/interact with third-party apps.

Answer The Public – The Blog Topic Researcher

Blogs play a vital role in ranking your website organically in search engines. In order to do successfully accomplish this goal, what relevant topics your users/customers are searching for in the relevancy of your business. Answer The Public is a free digital marketing tool that can help you to discover the perfect blog topics based on the keywords, language, and various other aspects.


Moz Local – The Local Search Monitor

Moz Local is also one of the most user-friendly tools for entrepreneurs to boost their project and website engagements online. The entrepreneurs can get highlights and insights on how their project or business appears across the Internet. Moz Local also helps you in:

  • On page and off page SEO recommendations.
  • Website Crawls
  • Competitive Analytics
  • Moz Local also works as a link and keyword explorer.

HubSpot CRM – The Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager or CRM helps you to manage the business-customer relationship. The tool’s interface is easy to use and offers to manage business contacts, sales win, employees, clients, contract wins, sales lead and many more.

HubSpot also offers-

  • Drag and Drop Features
  • Deals boards
  • Email Connections
  • Template tracking and scheduling.

So make your career in digital marketing and learn digital marketing to grow your business.

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