5 Valuable Tips To Identify Keywords For Law Firm Websites

The main objective of attorneys in creating a website is to promote their practice in the digital space and get more clients. The entire marketing strategy is dependent on choosing appropriate keywords for law firm websites. These terms are used by search engines to understand the context of information presented on your website. This insight then helps them to include your interface in the results for relevant searches. In the absence of suitable phrases, your website will never get a chance to appear in front of relevant audiences. Search engine optimization forms the core of online marketing for law firms helping them improve their digital presence. The entire SEO plan is based on the selection of apt keywords and it is important that you know how you can discover the best terms for your practice. Here are a few tips that you can use to identify the most appropriate keywords for your website.

1. Identify Your Marketing Objective

It is important that attorneys identify their marketing objective before they embark upon keyword research. Every law firm looks to achieve a different goal through its promotional strategy. Agencies which have branches in multiple cities will be looking to improve their online presence nationally. On the other hand, a small firm which has just started operations will be trying to reach out to audiences near its location. Moreover, firms which offer services in multiple practice areas will be looking to strengthen their presence in all departments. At the same time, a single practice agency will try to establish itself in that particular domain. An established legal firm will be targeting high-quality clients which can be retained for a long time. A lawyer who has just started her practice will be aiming to get as much business as possible. Each goal will require a different promotional approach and, therefore, the nature of the keywords will also be different. The keywords selected by you are a brief description of your practice. They direct a specific segment of the audience towards your website. Unless you identify a clear objective, you will not choose the correct terms that will drive ideal potential clients towards your firm.  

2. Select Keywords According To Your Location

Local SEO is essential for law firms as most people in need of legal assistance start by searching in their vicinity. The increased use of mobile devices has contributed to an increase in the number of local searches. A number of small legal practitioners usually operate in a single location and aim to get clients in that geographical area. However, even in a single location, professionals will have different objectives. Some will be hoping to target the audience across the city, while others will be looking to get in front of potential clients in a specific zone or suburb. The key terms will vary according to the location you choose to target. It also helps in addressing only that segment of the audience which is really interested in the services you are offering. This is one of the most vital tips for researching keywords for law firm websites.

3. Choose Terms Which Describe Your Practice Area

Even if you operate in a single practice area, chances are you will be helping people deal with various types of cases. For instance, a personal injury lawyer can provide assistance on medical malpractice as well as construction injury litigation cases. Similarly, a divorce attorney will help in child support, alimony or prenuptial agreements. You need to choose terms which appropriately describe your practice area. This will help in connecting with people who are looking for help with different subjects related to your area of expertise. People who are not familiar with legal jargon will be using some other popularly used phrase during searches. Identify any such terms related to your area and include them in your marketing plan.

4. Understand How Potential Clients Will Search For Your Service 

There are three main concerns of potential clients while searching for legal help. The first is the quality of the firm, the second is its location, and the third is the expected cost. Now a person looking for reasonably priced services will include a related term in her search. For instance, a lady looking for an economical divorce lawyer in New York will type “cheap divorce attorney NYC”. Someone who wants to hire the best in the business will type “best divorce attorney NYC”. Note that some people will use the word attorney, while others may use lawyers/ law firms. Make sure that you select phrases which are similar to the terminology used by the target audience.    

5. Assess The Competition For Specific Keywords

It is vital to assess the competition for each keyword before you include it in your marketing plan. Many people choose highly popular terms only to find later on that due to the intense competition, their online visibility is still poor. On the other hand, someone who selects a less popular phrase benefits greatly by getting high ranks after some time. It is not being suggested that you must totally shun popular keywords with high competition. Your keyword strategy must be a mixture of both kinds of terms. Lawyers must opt for long-tail phrases which appropriately describe their firm and provide them with an opportunity to achieve good rankings. For instance, instead of “divorce law firm”, choose a term like “divorce law firm Stuart, FL”.


These tips will help you choose suitable keywords for law firm websites which will then help in improving your online presence. The selection of appropriate phrases is necessary to align your marketing plan with the searcher’s intent of the target audience.

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